Statement of Purpose

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As I write this statement of purpose, I look back at my journey of a student who came from a very humble background and with hard work and sincerity towards academics he could pave his way to becoming a part of state’s top engineering college. My winding journey has generated an ample amount of confidence in me and today I stand firm with open arms to embrace the further challenges, both, personal as well as professional.
In last three years of engineering I have developed a great amount of respect and conviction for my field- computer science and the way it has transformed the life of people. In order to become one of those from the field who can contribute to the society to a larger extent, I do need to have an expertise and advances knowledge in the fields that I am interested in. This school of thought drives me to pursue graduate studies with an objective of enhancing my technical, intellectual as well as philosophical understanding of computer science. I feel absolutely ready for the challenge, mental as well as academic that graduate studies pose. I take pride in describing my hitherto exciting journey of computer science.
I joined bachelors in computer science in 2010. Since then I have benefited from the breadth of my curriculum which introduced me to various facets of Computer Science with challenging opportunities and in turn equipped me with a sound fundamental knowledge base in various disciplines and standards. I took special interest in the subjects like Operating System, programming languages and computer networks and I would not hesitate to claim my purchase in these subjects. Till now I have maintained a respectable academic record with my CGPA as 8.29. My redoubtable, quick and precise programming skills have...

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...his world. In this way I wish to use my energy, talent, hard work and determination for advancement in the field of computer. I am influenced by the work done by the professors in Carnegie Mellon University. I aim at adding new dimensions to my existing level of knowledge and to reach the pinnacle of whatever I can become. Under the guidance of the eminent faculty and the opportunities available I look forward to the world-class academic environment. If provided with guidance, I am confident that I would expand my research horizon and can work systematically on projects contributing significantly to the Information Technology at Carnegie Mellon University.
I hope the admission committee would find me not just apt and becoming, but also a proposed to their setup- both academically and culturally.

Prince Hemrajani
International Graduate Applicant MS CS Fall 2014
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