Statement Of Purpose For Masters In Computer Science

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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE My resolution to pursue a Master’s Degree in the United States is accentuated by my yearning to be a part of the Master’s program at your institution. Diverse choices in enormous and rapidly changing fields of engineering are offered by this University. The University’s research facilities and the faculty are top-notch. As I stand on the verge of completing my undergraduate study, after meticulously probing the various career options open to me, I have decided to pursue Master’s study in Computer Science. I aspire to chart my road to the future with the experiences from the past. This predilection for computers blossomed at my school which had a tie-up with COMPU Gen, an IT education partner. Our curriculum had courses with basics of Programming Languages such as Visual Basic, C, C++, Java and HTML. The curriculum of my college’s undergraduate major in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering served my computer hardware and software interests. It has given me a comprehensive exposure to Computer Science with many courses related to computer scien...
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