Statement of Purpose for a Masters in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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“I will respect every one. I will learn from every one. I will observe every one. I believe I can go beyond and will surpass every one. I will consciously shun the attitude of being the second best. I am not here to be a second human being. Nothing will be mine unless I am convinced that it belongs to me. I deserve abundance. I am not going to go in search of abundance but I will make abundance flow into my life”- This is the exhortation give by Mahaatria Raa in his invaluable word “Most and More”. I am greatly inspired by this message and would like to follow it to the best of my ability and endeavor. This message does not display either pride or arrogance of the speaker instead his goal of life, commitment and involvement in that direction. As I am at the vestibule of a graduate course, I have to carefully weigh the various career options and avenues at my disposal and take a decision. My conscience advises me to pursue my master’s degree in Electrical and Electronics in your esteemed university.

My father always says, “Hard work and unceasing pursuit do have the best reward.” I keep these words in my mind all the time and try to prove them in my action. If I am a little successful in my life, it is only because of such an inspiration got from my family and the model they presented before me to imitate.

Educational Background:

Right from my school education I have been keen in learning things which would help me in building my career. My academic record has always been very good. At SSC level I secured 84% aggregate marks and at +2 stage 90.5% aggregate marks which installed confidence in me about my abilities and capability. With this achievement I got inspired and joined in...

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...the university would help me in getting valuable research experience. I firmly believe that the admission into your university would be a golden opportunity for me on which the edifice of my scientific career rests. I would be grateful if I am accorded the privilege to pursue my graduation in your university. I understand that I have to put in painstaking hard work and compete with the best in the world to reach my goal. But I am mentally and physically prepared for it or to say, I am prepared to go an “extra mile” both figuratively and literally.

In Conclusion

I believe in the saying “The greatest pride is to grow in your own eyes, the greatest set back to fall in your own eyes.” I would like to grow in my eyes by realizing my goals with the great knowledge that your university is going to contribute to me. I hope that my aspirations would become a reality.
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