Statement Of Purpose: Criminal Justice Goals And Aspirations

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Goals play a very essential role in the organization of responsibilities and how my mind works. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in criminal justice with a concentration in Trauma Studies. Setting goals for my major is what keeps me focused and motivated in achieving it. My goals are to acquire a degree in criminal justice that challenges me to work harder and measure the skills and obstacles that come with it. Passionate, determined, and understanding is what I hope to gain from following my goals and aspirations in this field. My aspirations as a criminal justice major is to bring change, even the slightest change that could help an individual in life. A change in the way the law is viewed or enforced, a change in the sentencing of criminals. …show more content…

There are two types of aspirations that I expect to fulfill as an individual: work and personal aspirations. Personal aspiration lies on the yearning spectrum, which I like to call “infinity” this is where all my personal and internal thoughts are structured. Personal aspirations are instruments that will make my life purposeful. For example, what I obtain from real-live professional training and experiences is what I anticipate living by for my daily routine. The idea that the way I work is the way I will follow. Work aspirations lie on opportunity such as internships, on-the clock training, and gaining professional experiences. For me, it must do more with learning and expanding skills like investigative techniques, perceptiveness, and will-power that will teach the importance of experiences for this career. I always believed that aspirations bring self-fulfillment, which is why I want to achieve my goals and fulfill my purpose in this

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  • Explains that they are pursuing a bachelor's degree in criminal justice, which challenges them to work harder and measure the skills and obstacles that come with it. they believe that aspirations bring self-fulfillment.
  • Explains that education at the university of missouri-saint louis has opened many doors for them in terms of opportunities to learn and expand their horizons.
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