State Vs. Federal Government

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Much like our federal government has its laws, each individual state creates its own internal laws and functions as its own, smaller government. The way in which a well-ran government runs may vary depending on which political party in office at the time, nationally and locally. Current events, wars, or changes in our country’s needs will affect the way a form of government functions .My state, Nebraska, is one of the more unique sets of governments out of the fifty states. Nebraska can be compared and contrasted to the federal government in so many ways. The laws and processes take the federal foundation combined with the ideas of the voters and statewide needs shape the way state officials go about these decisions, Whether a state is democratic or Republican in nature this term is a varying factor to how the offices are run.
Many similarities can occur between the state and federal governments. State governments function like miniature federal governments. They have legislative, judicial, and executive branches,(although the three branch structure is not required) and they both go through many of the same law-making procedures. Each state tries to function as its own government, while following the Federal guidelines.
The Legislative Branch of the United States government is made up of two smaller divisions, the Senate and the House of Representatives.Each state gets two Senate members, and an equally divided amount of Representatives for the house, according to population. Each state has representatives from their in-state governments who meet in Washington D.C. to help make some of the federal decisions for their state, pass laws and nominate their state for federal funding based on need. in Nebraska is the odd one out in t...

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... put into the government 's structure. Nebraska crafted its structure based on the needs and opinions of locals.You feel safer in a state that functions in a way that you agree with.
Overall, Nebraska has a pretty unique government, which follows federal guidelines, yet functions differently than your typical state.The government sets forth the foundation, and the conservative Nebraskans mold their own rules, keeping Nebraskans comfortable, supported, and running smoothly. Laws and regulations will always differ depending on the political party that is in office at the time, but the tight-knit Nebraskan citizens do their best to combine liberal and conservative wants and needs. This sets the structure of our smaller government apart from the one-size-fits-all structure of the federal government. In the end it comes down to the people, voting, and our constitution.

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