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If there’s enough food in the world to feed everybody, then why are there so many starving and malnourished people? Millions people are dying from starvation every day. We need to find a way to end world hunger. Starvation is a major global issue due to overpopulation.
There are currently over 800 million people suffering from starvation or malnutrition. About 98% of the world’s starving people live in developing countries. Within these countries, most starving people live in rural areas. In fact, Asia has about 553 million people starving, Africa has 227 million, Latin America has 47 million, and developed countries have 16 million people. Most of them are among children, elders, and hard working adults. about one in eight people are malnourished and this number will soon grow.
There are many causes of starvation such as poverty, lack of agriculture, economic difficulties, or warfare. In developed countries, such as the United States, poverty is the number one cause of starvation. In other countries, lack of agriculture might be the case. Some places don’t have fertile soil, or have rocky hills, which make it hard to grow crops. In other places, there might not be a suitable climate for crop growing. With economic difficulties, countries may not have enough money to import food. If a nation is in war, then people might not be able to get food safely or are being starved by the opponents.
Starvation has different stages, and within each stage, starvation will cause more harm to a person’s body. The first stage of starvation happens when blood glucose levels are stable through the production of glucose from glycogen. The glycogen is used for energy. In the second stage, stored fats are used for energy. Finally, in the third ...

... middle of paper ... homeless shelters and to people who are starving. My suggested course of action will also persuade more people to donate because with given proof that their donation is helping people, more donors would want to help even more people that are starving.
The U.S.A will be the number one priority in my course of action. We will get starvation to reduce greatly here, then we can start focusing on developing countries. If we diminish most of the starvation in the United States, then we can build a stronger economy. We would have less people on government programs and have our taxes used for other purposes to help out the country.
Overpopulation causes many issues, but with the right solutions, we will be able to live in a better world. Starvation can potentially make a major impact on the world. With my suggested course of action, we could reduce starvation greatly.
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