Starbucks Social Responsibility Essay

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An investigates Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with the case study analyses and the reasons why organizations implement CSR policies also how they can benefit their stakeholders .

Student ID : 31612 , PM 502


- Background

- Case Study

- Conclusion

- References

Student ID : 31612 , PM 502


The idea of Stakeholders was used in a 1963 at the Stanford Research Institute after that the theory was developed by R. Edward Freeman in the 1980s. In the normal view of several companies, just the owners or shareholders of the company are
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Lastly, Starbucks has work together with coffee makers in Costa Rica to help them produces the high quality of coffee. Starbucks focus more on this stakeholder because these people are really important for the company. (Fiscal 2007 CSR Annual Report) In terms of CSR Starbucks has a good reputation about the social responsibility because this is the main issue to running their business. The company has still kept going to focus on the relationship between stakeholders and their company. Despite from that, the definition of CSR in term of Starbucks Company is produces more economic benefit to communities. The aim of company has plans to recycling all materials that needs to be recycled in the stores and control about waste including useable cups by 25% in 2015. Approximately around 70% of Starbucks supply in North America can recycle a lot of waste. Moreover, Starbucks has offers a 10% discount to consumers who bring in their own mugs that they want to decrease the amount of cups that will be damage the environment. By 2009 a reuse cups had been served over 4.4 million more than 2008 (Fiscal 2009 CSR annual
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