Standarized Testing Should Be Removed in School Districts in Washington State

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School Districts in Washington State should remove the requirements of standardized testing. The tests that are taken are not a valid way of showing a student’s complete abilities that are showcased in class. The way that the tests are all the same and some students have only learned some of the materials because of the classes that chose to take in high school don’t teach everything that is on the test. Taking these tests are putting a toll on high school students and causing them stress and anxiety.

Standardized testing does not let students show how capable they truly are. School Districts in Washington State should remove the testing so that students are able to express their work ethics in a better way than a single test score. The SAT and ACT tests are all tests that every student will most likely take, the test is the same for everyone. The test is completely multiple choice questions, except for the writing part of the test. By the test having multiple choice questions, it is not a valid way of showing off a student’s knowledge. It is easier to guess on an answer or look off someone else’s test when you only have 4 answers to choose from. By letting students express themselves in a more efficient way the School Districts in Washington State would have more successful students. Having the student write out how they got a math answer or explain their reasoning behind what they think about the passage is a stronger answer than picking A,B, C or D on a test sheet. When they explain why they got the answer they did, it lets them show how their brain works and what kind of student they are. The school district should not continue with standardized testing because it does not validly express how a student can perform and what...

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...a 4 hour test on a Saturday morning can completely capture what you have learned and how you learned it. It is not a fair way for students to showcase themselves. School Districts in Washington State would continue to affect students in a negative way by keeping standardized testing as a requirement.

Students need a way for them to be seen as an individual instead of a test score. A high school transcript is a better way for a student to be revealed than a test score. Once the School Districts in Washington State realizes that the standardized tests that they give out really hurts the student rather than helps then students may start to excel more in school.

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