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Standardized tests, like the SATs are administered to high school juniors and seniors to measure if a student has the knowledge to be successful in college level courses. Standardized tests are beneficial to schools as well as the state. The state administers the tests to all schools to compare the scores of individual students, schools, and to see if students compare to the state’s predetermined score. These tests also help schools improve over time. High school students are required to take a state test every year. The state can evaluate the effectiveness of a particular school by comparing the scores of a student during a four-year period. On the other hand, standardized testing is an inaccurate method to assess the knowledge of students. Learning is not a simple task and there are many different ways to learn one idea. Standardized tests are generally multiple-choice questions with all correct answers, but one of the choices is more appropriate than the other answers. Standardized testing is a one-way street for the state. It simply measures the knowledge of students and compares the scores to various other subjects. Students are not directly benefiting from taking these tests. Standardized tests are not an effective way to assess a student’s intelligence. Intelligence incorporates much more than the knowledge acquired in a school setting.
Standardized testing is a poor method to measure the intelligence of a student. “The multiple choice format of the test measures knowledge and skills, not creativity and problem-solving (Heibutzki). ” Creative thinking and problem solving are the abilities that set one student apart from another. There are many different teaching methods that teachers use to give students the opportunity t...

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...etween students to accept and to deny, the look the student’s SAT scores. The student with the higher SAT score will be the accepted student. In life, I do not believe that knowledge and skills are the best way to compare two people. As humans we are always learning and acquiring new skills. People themselves apart from others by participating in sports, activities, solving problems, and thinking outside the box. Standardized tests do not accurately illustrate the intelligence of a student.

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