Speech about Emotional, Physical and Financial Support

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Speech about Emotional, Physical and Financial Support The purpose of this speech is to inform my audience of three kinds of "Support" and how "Support" can lead to success. Outline I. There is three kinds of "support". A. Emotional (Mental) support 1. To emotionally support someone you would have to be supportive for that someone at all times, and let that person know that you support him or her. B. Physical support 1. Physical support can be a leg on a table or a mother's hand on the back of an infant's neck. 2. Anything that holds or sustains weight. C. Financial support 1. You can financially support a person or an organization by providing money, food, clothes or services. II. How support can lead to success. A. Parents supporting their children. 1. Children can become successful when they have parents that has supported them emotionally, physically, and financially. B. Citizens supporting their community. 1. Schools a. Students support their schools by attending classes and becoming involved in the activities held by the schools. b. Parents and citizens support schools by paying taxes, voting for school bonds and becoming involved with the schools. 2. Businesses a. People support a business or a store by spending money in which gives the business or store profit for their product. 3. Community government a. Citizens support their community government by voting for community issues, and being a "good" citizen. 1. A good citizen does not vandalize or act disruptive. III. Definitions and quotations of the word "support". A. The Oxford English Dictionary 1. The action of keeping from falling, exhaustion, or perishing; esp. The supplying of a living thing with what is necessary for subsistence; the maintenance of life. 2. To endure without opposition or resistance; to bear with, put up with, tolerate. 3. To assert, maintain. To back up in a statement or opinion. 4. To furnish food or sustenance for; to supply with the necessaries of life. 5. To occupy a position by the side of, with the subject

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