Special Effects In Horror Movies

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Special effects have become a vital part of many horror movies. It has allowed for the creation of some of the most horrific and terrifying horror movie characters which have given filmmakers many more options in deciding how they were going to approach the creation of their horror movies. Special effects have allowed for an increased immersion of audiences in horror movies because of the increased use of updated technology like Computer-Generated-Imagery have allowed for increasing realistic horror movie characters to portray a needed fear to keep audiences intrigued and interested. The use of special effects in horror movies has broadened its audience by giving filmmakers more options in how they were going to create some terrifying horror…show more content…
It has helped to transform horror movies by giving characters a more unique and horrific appearance. Monsters such as Frankenstein and Pennywise have used special effects to help give each of them distinctive look over some monsters in the past. According to an article published by Stacey Abbott, a reader in the Film and Television Studies at the University of Roehampton, she discussed how the use of special effects had allowed for the “horror genre exploited contemporary anxieties about maintaining the sanctity of the body by using special make-up effects to rupture its boundaries (97)…” With special effects, it has allowed the horror genre to push the boundaries more to make their horror movies more frightening and terrifying, With horror movie characters improving with the quality of horror movies, it has also contributed to an increase in the quality and realism in the environments of horror movies. Special effects have allowed for environments in horror movies to appear more detailed and realistic. It has also allowed filmmakers to make environments appear more terrifying and fit more with the characters in the movies. In Abbott’s article, she discussed how “In [the movie] Minority Report, for instance, digital technology [special effects] is used to represent a technological connection between humanity and…show more content…
With horror movies becoming more realistic; it has allowed for the audience to become more intrigued and interested. According to an article published by The British Psychological Society on the “lure of horror”, it suggests that people like to scare themselves when watching horror movies because “it allows us to rehearse possible threatening scenarios from a position of relative safety.” With CGI making horror movies appear more realistic, it has steadily increased the immersion of audiences by allowing them to see some terrifying monsters on their television screen. Another effect that has helped to increase the immersion of audiences have been the use of practical effects. According to an article published by Stephanie Pappas, a senior writer for LiveScience, Clement told LiveScience that “people really like the tangibility of practical effects.” Including with its use of makeup for many characters, practical effects have also helped to cause the immersion of many audiences to horror movies by giving them more realistic sounds such as the gunshot wounds or the collective audience gazing at a mummy’s evil laugh. But to summarize, the increased immersion of the audience in horror movies has been caused by newer digital technology giving filmmakers much more options to increase the quality of movies and make them more immersive to
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