Introduction: A Genreless Horror By Eugenie Brinkere

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The genre of horror when associated to film, it reflects on a vast variety of issues but when examined for the cultural significance it is narrower to what the aim is. This review surveys multiple scholarly sources from different aspects of the purpose of horror films. This literature review justifies that horror is derived from the fear and guilt within our psychological minds. I will argue that the cultural significance of this genre relates back to the emotional appeals that are conjured up when viewing these films.

In classical Hollywood cinema, horror films were produced in the notion that as human beings we enjoy the concept of being scared and take it as a form of entertainment. This review examines five scholarly peer-reviewed
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(Brinkema, 2015) This article vividly explains where the genre of horror came from and the visual culture it relates to.. This article has primary sources of data through the form an interview with Noel Carroll. “Carroll reflects on contemporary films, digital media, video games and televisual monsters, and the paradoxes, familiar and new, that govern his philosophy of horror today, a philosophy that, as it did 25 years ago, is still durably bound to the aesthetic.” (Brinkema, 2015) This research on aesthetic values was from past generations. The article was represented well explaining visual cultures of horror but it had too many examples to text rather than film. Which is what is being…show more content…
This article also makes referral comparison to another genre of film “Unlike in other genres (detective, thriller), there is usually neither sympathy for the victims of Evil nor admiration for heroes opposing it.”(Kord, 2016) Violence is what triggers the guilt in the audience and what starts to make them speculate of their morality. “Violence may well be the horror film’s way of hacking away at its audience to engage with guilt. Admit who you are. Admit what you did.” (Kord, 2016) The author questions other theorists with an ample amount of valid research from validated

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