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Athens created the Athenian Democracy in the Greek city-state comprising the central city-state of Athens and surrounding the Attica. They were the first to rule as a democracy. In the Athenian direct democracy, the people whose age was 20 were allowed to go to assemblies and they also can vote on legislation and executive bill in their own right, whereas Roman Republic created the form of government which is a republic. This was balanced constitution which was not written in the documents and consisted in three elements, democracy, monarchy, oligarchy. Citizens of Roman elect representatives to rule on their behalf. Every citizen is expected to play an active role in commanding the state in Roman Republic. Based on this some may say what was similarities between Athenian Democracy and Roman Republic in political and social structures? Athens’s city-states were small and independent communities which were male-dominated and bound together by race. In the earliest history of the Greek world, Athenian political structure started as ruled by kings on their homes and farms. From the journal “The development of Athenian Democracy”, “Theseus, when he had gained power in Athens, abolished the local governments in the towns; the people kept their property, but all were governed from a single political center at Athens”. Theseus was the first king of the Athenians. By gaining power, Theseus renovated the small towns and villages. However, when they established direct democracy, most of the administrative decision was made by a council of 500 members, who were the elected officials. Was this perfect democracy? I think that it wasn’t perfect because only men can participate in the democratic assemblies, but women, children, and slaves weren’... ... middle of paper ... ...ds and responsible for their son’s education. Roman boys were raised by their mother until they were old enough to attend school or to train with his father. Moreover, girls get married early with the adult man. Every Romans had at least one slave, including the lower class of people. Also, slaves were used for farming, housekeeping and hard labor. In conclusion, I would say Athenian government is more alike with the US government because there are some similarities. The people who voted for their leaders in Athens were all the adult men who owned lands and farms. The Democracy in the US was also founded by the philosophical people. First, both can vote for their political figures. Both have more than one legislative group. Both branches have a choice to go to war. Therefore, Athenian democracy isn’t the perfect democracy, but the US resembles Athenian government.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that athens created the athenian democracy in the greek city-state, which was the first to rule as a democracy.
  • Opines that athens's city-states were male-dominated and bound together by race.
  • Explains that the roman republic was a system of government that on the rule of law. it wasn't ruled by any man, but who was opposed to the whole philosophy of the republic.
  • Concludes that athenian government is more like the us government because there are some similarities. the people who voted for their leaders in athens were adult men who owned lands and farms.
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