Political Differences Between Athens And Sparta

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The ancient Greece was divided among several hundreds of city-states called “Poleis”. Within this poleis, Athens and Sparta were the most powerful, significant, largest and significant states.
Governing has never been an easy task during the times of ancient Athens and Sparta. Both equally were ahead of their time by giving their people an actual voice and weight when making decisions. Unfortunately, neither of these civilizations lasted the great length of time.
However, the political foundation they laid out has become the cornerstone of our societies has been built upon today.
How did people in Athens and Sparta obtain the right to participate in public life and make decisions affecting the community?
Athens being the political example
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Each had their own version of political councils that were give specific power and tasks that they were to oversee and uphold. Equally, both city-states defined citizens as being only males who were born from descendants of either Athenian or Spartan born parents. Although very similar in structure, Athens and Sparta had their political differences. The main difference being Sparta’s focus being on war and employing a two king system to oversee the army as well as policy at the same time. Today this could be similar to the president and vice-president dynamic. Athens’ structure was much more complex than that of Sparta which gave more freedom to the people; this was partly due to breaking down regions into 10 separate states that formed the larger entire state of Athens. Below are some of the similarities in there government…show more content…
Ephors were elected annually

Differences aside in their ruling structures, Athens and Sparta equally believed that the people should have a voice in governing themselves. It is unfortunate that their forward thinking views of political structure and policy were not picked up and applied until the 18th century. Had there been more civilizations around and after the time of Athens and Sparta, surely mankind would be much different than what we currently know. It certainly makes one wonder what is further along the political timeline in terms of policy and global mindset. Athens and Sparta were in no way perfect utopian societies to live in, but had their models for democracy been further developed by those who came after them, where would that have lead us to today?
The Athens practice direct democracy, while Sparta practice Oligarchies system of government. Athens has no king, Sparta has two kings from two different royal families.
Both Athens and Sparta had some positive and negative aspects in their systems. Modern day democracy still supports and adopt some aspects of political system of both Athens and Sparta.
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