Sophomores in College

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College: most of us have all been there and for some of us it was the best four, or five, years of our lives. College is a place where we start fresh from high school and not only make something of ourselves, but also find out who we can really be. Aside from all the stress before even starting college, including the applications, the scholarships and a future career path, there is something we all must be a part of, and that is dorm life. All normal college campuses have dorms; whether they are big or small, have one thing in common. The entire freshman body has to live in them their first year. Most campuses actually have a rule that students have to live in a dorm the first two years of college, but is that fair? College kids are in their twenties taking out student loans they will have to pay back even after they graduate and they are not even allowed to move to a house off campus their second year. Living in a dorm sophomore year of college should not be required not only because it is expensive and inconvenient, but also because some people are just not comfortable living in dorms.
During a college student’s first year in the dorm, they need to be close to campus so they are able to learn about all the amenities the college has to offer. These include dining halls, the buildings students have classes in, and other unique things offered on campus. Freshmen are able to learn and thrive also by meeting new friends that could possibly be in their classes or even have the same major that the college has to offer. Living in the dorms for the first year is a great way to help students transition out of high school, meet many new people and also learn their way around the campus. Dorm living is a great experience for the ...

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