The Effects of a College Environment on a Students Health

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The Effects of a College Environment on a Students Health Introduction When one goes away to college, their life changes dramatically. They are forced to make changes in their own lives in order to adapt to college life. When one is in high school and living at home, their eating habits and personal hygiene practices are for the most part controlled by their parents. They are told what to eat and when to eat it. They are told to keep their room clean and to take their vitamins, etc. When one moves away to college, they are on their own. There is no one telling them to clean their room, or to do laundry or what they have to eat. In some colleges and universities, it is required that freshmen live on campus and eat at least two meals a day in the dining hall. This isn't necessarily for the university to monitor a student's eating habits but rather to get the student acquainted with the campus and other people living there. Food served in college dining halls has not been known for it's nutritional value. However, over the past couple of years college chefs have been working to change that. While a lot of students have committed to eating the healthier foods and trying to stay healthy, the vast majority lives on pizza and taco bell or any other cheap fast food chain that is open until the late hours of the night. College is a fast paced environment and fast food caters to college students. In this fast paced environment, students more often than not neglect their health and personal hygiene and the consequences range from obesity to deadly eating disorders. "The Freshmen fifteen" is one of the most dreaded rights of passage into college. It is a well-known fact among college students, that one gains fifte... ... middle of paper ...'s home life. There are so many opportunities including trying new foods, learning about different kinds of people, and learning how to focus in a fast paced, noise filled environment. While it can be hard to adjust to this new environment, it is a great experience that will cause one to become a more cultured and well-rounded person. Even the bad things mentioned in this paper, sickness, poor diet habits, etc.; these things can build character in a person. God gives everyone challenges in their lives and expects them to ask Him for the help they need. God gives people only what they can deal with. With God, anyone can deal with anything. He gives us challenges for a reason. When people take on these challenges, they become stronger and are able to deal with more of life's challenges that will come in the following years. There is a reason for everything.
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