Solutions to the Problem of Domestic Waste

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With the economic growth, the living standards of people in Hong Kong become higher and higher. Meanwhile, we are producing more and more waste, especially the domestic waste. According to the Environmental Protection Department (2013), the existing landfills would probably be exhausted one by one by 2020 if the waste level continue to increase at current level (¶13). Therefore, we should take action immediately to find a solution so as to deal with the domestic waste problem. To ameliorate the problem, the possible solutions could be building incinerators, enlarging the area for landfills and reducing the amount of domestic waste, with the last one being the best solution. One of the possible solutions might be to build incinerators. Wastes from different sources could be collected together and sent to the incinerators which burn them into ashes to reduce the volume before sending to the landfills. The decrease in volume of waste might extend the life of existing landfills. Yet, the environment around the incinerator could become worsen. The gas emitted during the operation of incinerators would contaminate the air around. Although the incinerators should be built with good filters, some tiny particles would not be filtered but go outside with the gas emitted. Besides, the building of incinerators is likely to lower the living standard of citizens in the neighborhood. Not only the gas emitted while burning the waste would affect their health, the noise produced by the trucks and the construction of incinerators would make them annoyed. Moreover, according to the ‘Not in My Back Yard’ phenomenon, this solution would probably be vigorously rejected by the citizens living around the site selected for building the incinerators. If ... ... middle of paper ... ...become better and better by teaching the younger generation about it. For years, most people would have been educated and developed the habit of following the 4Rs principles. On the other hand, the government may adopt other policies, such as the waste charging scheme, if most people in the society do not change their behaviors. Although the waste charging scheme would have lots of problems and limitations, it should be the most effective way to persuade people following the 4Rs principle. Therefore, considering the effectiveness, the influences on natural environment and the feasibility, I believe the best solution to deal with domestic waste problem would be reducing the amount of domestic waste. In spite of the fact that time is needed to educate people and change their habit, this solution should be the most efficient to deal with the problem of domestic waste.

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