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What type of database questions are asked in interview for testing positions? - Testing Q&A Series This article is a part of software testing questions and answers series. You can see all previous articles under this Q&A series on this page - Software Testing Questions & Answers. If you want to ask a question, just write a comment below. Mallik asks: "What type of database (SQL) questions asked in interviews for test engineer position (not for database tester)?" This depends on many factors whether these questions are for testing positions at freshers level or for experienced testing professionals. The depth of database questions depends on the experience of the candidate. Irrespective of the position, candidate should always be clear and confident about the database concepts. For most software testing positions you need to have database knowledge to perform some database checks. Almost all applications require some kind of interaction with database. Let's consider the database interview questions for entry level software testing positions. For entry level testing positions generally following questions can be asked in interviews: 1) Basic and to some extent nested SQL queries to fetch data from database tables. 2) Examples of database statements for: Create Database, Create table and Drop Table. 3) Concept of "Primary Key", "Foreign Key" and DB index 4) Examples of Select, Insert, Delete, Alter and Update SQL statements. 5) SQL joins (Inner Join, Left Join, Right Join and Full join) with examples. Practice SQL join queries on dummy tables and see results. For experienced level software testing positions, database interview questions d... ... middle of paper ... ... these papers and online mock test on below page: - Sample ISTQB papers and mock tests Also I have listed some papers for download on our Resources page. ISTQB sample papers Here are some more resources for ISTQB exam preparation: ISTQB Foundation Exam Format & Guidelines to Solve Papers I hope this will be helpful for you ISTQB exam preparation. If readers are having some sample ISTQB papers please share with us! If you want to ask any question please post your question in comment section of this post.

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