Sociological Imagination Essay

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In order to fully understand ourselves within society, we must take a look at the inequalities and differences across our country. C. Wright Mills theorized the sociological imagination, the concept of comparing social relations with that has happened in relation to one another and what happened in our own history. Paulo Freire was concerned about the current education system in America and believed that it is currently similar to a banking system in which authority simply deposits their individual thoughts into those around them. The sociological imagination is the combination of our biology and our personal history. The current system is developed not to help people become the best students that they can be, but rather cripples an individual …show more content…

These struggles alongside the conditioning of fulfilling expectations set before them, all guides students to fit the mold of the banking system of education. Students tend to apply to universities that are of the level of difficulty that is expected of them. We are told from the beginning that there are a standard that we should strive to reach for our perceived education level. The top students in the class in high school are expected to apply to Ivy League colleges while the students lower in the class are expected to apply to colleges that are much less selective. When students go to schools in a different education level, for example if a student from the top of a class decides to go to a community college, it becomes a scandal in the community to figure out what is causing them to not reach their full, expectant potential. In society today, it is rare for students to go to college in a level below their ability because of the pressure of the expectations set before them from the education system of America today. College is its own burden in and of itself. Coming into college, I and multiple other students have taken many AP level classes as well as college courses and have the credit from high school. The college that you are able to get into because of these courses then place you with students at the same academic level, causing these seemingly advantageous credits, to get cancelled out. The credits no longer make a difference because all

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