Social Worker Reflection Paper

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A concise message can either be received orally or nonverbally. The panelists introduced us to a new frontier of how the laws in the state of Minnesota applies to our field in special education, how social workers corporate with teachers and families, educational techniques, student consultation, collaboration, and how all of their roles are integrated with educating students. The panelists consisted; David Aron; A lawyer and an advocate for special education in Education Minnesota, Paula; She is the director of Pacer and helps both teachers and parents with getting resources and information on how to improve students education, Jeff; is a Hennepin County employee and assists with students who have difficulty with attending school and run into the law when they are under eighteen, Cathy; is a social worker and has a huge impact on how well families receive the appropriate government assistance to educate their children. Although each panelist had a total different title and job, it was their…show more content…
However I do a have a clear comprehensible picture of how sensibly important all the topics presented are, and their importance to every special education teacher. I was amazed at how pacer can get together people that really matter to students and it will definitely be incorporated to my teachings in the future. I can understand how important it is for a family to possess the appropriate resources/help in order to educate and care for their children. All the topics mentioned have been discussed in our small groups and lecture; similarly the laws and ethics of a teacher are mentioned in the book as well. The only question I would ask the panel would have been; How much corporation is their between the school administration, general education teacher, and the state professional (Social Workers) when it comes to students’ academic

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