Social Work Research

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A unique feature of social work is that it is constantly evolving. Social workers try to contribute new ideas on how to understand their clients and find the best way to provide support and help. Throughout the years, there have been many pioneers that have shaped the practice of social work to what it is today. A pioneer can be placed in many different categories. A pioneer may be described by its characteristics, achievements, or opportunities. Jane Addams, born in 1860, is best known for founding the Chicago Hull House in 1889 that became a model for future settlement houses throughout America. Moving from settlement houses to private therapy, today Dennis Saleebey’s theory called the Strengths Prospective has changed the way social workers are practicing with their clients. Jane Addams’ determination to better understand the poor and improve their lives and Dennis Saleebey’s passion to empower individuals by their strengths has proven that their characteristics made them pioneers to the field of social work. Jane Addams’ vision to better understand the poor is what makes her a ...
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