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The origins of social work in the United States mirror an ongoing growth of ideas put together from many different cultures. While modern social work here in the states were built on Christian idea many of its concepts are in part due to the influence of the Koran and the mutual aid practices of Native Americans, the African-American community, and immigrants from all over the world.
Before the American Revolution, systems of helping the poor, child welfare, and even mental health services systems served a dual role of compassion and protection. By the early 19th century private benevolent societies and self-help organizations the predecessors of modern social service agencies played increasing roles in this regard. The beginning of social work in the United States dates back to the efforts of upper-class women and men in church-based and secular charitable organizations to address the negative effects of poverty, urbanization, and immigration. The first untrained social workers, known as "friendly visitors," sought to help poor individuals through moral persuasion and personal example. Organizations such as the Association for the Improvement of the Condition of the Poor and the Children's Aid Society began investigating social conditions in areas such as tenement housing and child welfare.
The Civil War helped foster the emergence of large private social welfare initiatives, such as the US Sanitary Commission and the Red Cross. The industrialization and the Origins of modern social work after the Civil War, rapid industrial expansion produced a dramatic increase in individual and community needs. The most notable social changes of this period included a series of economic depressions (known then as "panics") and their conseq...

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...ed war-related assignments, spurred by the establishment of a special classification for military social work and the development of services for war-impacted communities. In the decade after the War, considerable efforts were made to enhance the field's professional status. These included increased standardization of agency practices, the development of interdisciplinary doctoral training programs, and the creation of core MSW curricula. The formation of CSWE in 1952 and the establishment of the National Association of Social Workers in 1955 further strengthened the profession's status of the profession.
The post-war period was also one of significant change in US social welfare, highlighted by the establishment of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) in 1953. The primary beneficiaries of social policy changes between 1940 and 1960, however, were

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