Social Need In Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs

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Maslow’s hierarchy of needs arranges basic human needs in the order in which people strive to fulfill them. Physiological needs, basic human needs, are the first necessity on Maslow’s hierarchy that people attempt to fulfill. Thankfully, I am able to say that all my physiological needs are met, for I am blessed with an abundant supply of food, water, shelter, and clothing. I cannot imagine what it must be like for people to live without having their physiological needs met, but I do understand that it has to be extremely difficult for people to focus on any other needs when they are living without the essentials of survival. The second set of needs in Maslow’s hierarchy are security needs because when people have the means to survive, they strive to protect themselves from physical and economical harm so that they can continue surviving. Once again, I am grateful that I live a very privileged life compared to many, for I have never had to truly worry about my security. I live a fairly stable life in a fairly stable neighborhood. Also, I am glad that I live in America because I know of several …show more content…

A person will attempt to fulfill social needs by volunteering, throwing a party, and making friends with coworkers/classmates. I am lucky when it comes to social needs because it does not take much for mine to be fulfilled. I have always had several really close friends to hangout with throughout my life and that has worked great for me. However, as college proceeds and adulthood begins, I see how it will be difficult to keep my friendships on the same level as they were on in high school. I believe that social needs fluctuate throughout a person’s life, and I could be reaching a point where my social need is greater than it once was. Nevertheless, as people’s social needs are met, they begin the to need to feel respect for themselves and

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