Adolescent Depression: Identification and Implications

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Introduction As reported by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), depression occurs in over 26% of adolescents and can lead to morbidity, mortality, and social problems that can last into adulthood (SCREENING FOR DEPRESSION IN ADOLESCENTS -- RISKS AND BENEFITS, 2015). Signs of adolescent depression can sometimes be different than adults, and possibly harder to identify. It is most often identified as an increase in negative behaviors or somatic complaints such as an upset stomach (SCREENING FOR DEPRESSION IN ADOLESCENTS -- RISKS AND BENEFITS, 2015). Behavioral changes that are associated with adolescent depression include an increase in irritability, tantrums, anger outbursts, decrease in school performance, and social isolation (SCREENING …show more content…

This theory lay out the concepts of what humans need to live and to succeed (Bayoumi, 2012). It is a pyramid of needs upon which humans can progress to the top. The pyramid levels are based on the needs that humans must meet before they can move to the next step (Bayoumi, 2012). The steps include, starting from the bottom, physiological needs, safety needs, belongingness, esteem, and finally at the top is self-actualization (Bayoumi, 2012). Adolescents in depression, are unable to have their needs met at many levels depending on the severity of the depression. If the depression is minor, an adolescent may be isolated and fight feelings of loneliness and is unable to progress past the level of belongingness. For adolescents with more severe depression, they may portray a decrease in self-health cares and involve themselves in risky behavior. Without proper treatment, these children would find it hard to progress beyond the safety level of Maslow’s scale. By correctly diagnosing and treating adolescent depression, health care providers will be able to free adolescent children suffering from depression and give them the tools to potentially ascend the levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy and someday reach

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