Hierarchy Of Maslow's Hierarchy

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Maslow’s hierarchy of needs are the things stages in life by which you develop from a primitive creature, to a more human being. These stages include physiological needs, safety and security, belongingness, esteem, and finally self-actualization. I subconsciously work toward each one of these levels every single day. Although it seems basic, the hierarchy is much more in depth than one might think. The first level is physiological needs. As humans, we need certain things to live, such as food, water, oxygen, sleep, exercise, etc. These things are very primal and don’t take a lot of thinking and energy to do. Every day, I wake up and drink some water and go to school. I eat lunch at school and much more water throughout the day. When I get…show more content…
This means that humans need a sense of “home” where you can feel safe and without worry of harm. These harmful things include illnesses, weather, other humans, animals, etc. This security also includes securing employment and a home that you can maintain a life with. I value living in a safe neighborhood so that I do not have to worry about me or my family getting robbed or harmed in any way shape or form. I also really value school because it helps me secure a better life in the future that I know can help me and my family be safer. My family and close friends make me feel more safe and secure because we, as humans, are much more trustworthy and comfortable around familiar…show more content…
This is the stage that really separates mammals from other creatures in the world. Humans desire not only physical, but emotional and spiritual connections with other people. Belonging is somewhat primitive so that we could survive, but now that urge has turned into friendships and relationships. Personally, I value honesty in relationships and family. Honesty, to me, is the best thing to build a healthy bond with somebody. Part of belonging is growing as a person and doing the right thing. Family is also super important to me and I think that familial bonds, whether we realize it or not, are some of the strongest bonds we will ever have as human beings. The second to last level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is esteem. This stage includes having and giving respect, pride, and confidence. This stage is what truly separates humans from all other animals. In our community, I feel respected and have a high sense of value when I am succeeding academically and athletically. When I am doing these two things, my esteem is at an all time high, but when I am not, it’s hard to motivate myself at times. In our society today, esteem is based off mostly material things like money, beauty, and objects, but to truly make yourself happy you must take this one step

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