Negative Essay: How Social Media Affect Daily Life

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In many ways the media affect daily life, but can also be a good benefit it as well. Relationships, physical appearance, the way people perceive or judge, are some examples of how the media affect daily life. In the other hand, social media can be useful, for example; searching information of any kind, or when people need to be connected, such as the military, who use social medias to connect with their families when they are abroad. Social media can be productive in the subject, but also a great distraction to learning, and a problem for the development of youth. Time consumption is affected by the media concerned. People now adapted the social media as a method of solution for everything. Social media affect the lifestyles of today, varied in multiple ways. This research will examine the advantages and disadvantages of social networking engagement, and why is important to educate the young about the correct way to use social media and how to properly engage.…show more content…
SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, or Twitter, just to mention some of them, are sources using videos, images, covers, photos, commercials, etc., as bait for users constantly visiting these pages. In the article Pitfalls of Social Media, the author says "You can target the exact people you want." That is why social networks used a different variety of publications for each audience. Manipulation is a way of controlling time of a user, conducting to addiction and to distortion of information. Below are some examples of the disadvantages and advantages of social media in users. Disadvantages and Advantages The disadvantage of social media is affecting time, health, and socialism. The advantage of social media allows society to communicate with others, to obtain information faster, and to find many solutions to most