Crash Movie Analysis

The movie Crash follows the lives of several different people living in Los Angeles within a two day span. Each character faces different conflicts in their daily life majority of them being caused by racism. The characters of the movie all have separate stories, but each story will connect them with another person in the movie. Some people are discriminated against because of their race but also say racially insensitive comments towards another person in the movie. The main issue explored in Crash is the racism people deal with in their day to day life. Almost every character is either a victim to racism or prejudiced.
African American Culture customs displayed in the movie is the scene where Cameron played by Terrance Howard lets Ludacris’
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Graham Water is a black detective with a strained relationship with his drug addict mother and troubled younger brother. Graham is dating his partner Ria, together they are working on a murder case involving a black detective shot and killed by an undercover white cop.
Rick is a Caucasian man and the district attorney. He is married to his wife Jean, towards the beginning of the movie Rick and Jean are carjacked. The effects of the carjacking are different on Jean and Rick. Rick tries to spin the situation to make sure he does not look racist and can still count on the African American vote. The event makes Jean believe her prejudice thoughts are justified.
The characters Anthony and Peter are young African American men who make a living by doing illegal things. Anthony believe everything done is racially motivated to oppress or embarrass people of color. Peter is different than Anthony and does not believe everything is racially motivated. Anthony and Peter are also the people who carjacked Rick and
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Daniel will also fix the lock to a store for the owner Farhad, who is unable to understand English very well.
No character truly has a resolution to their problem but gain some peace. Cameron and Christine marriage by the end of the movie seems to be doing better, Farhad is at peace with a mistake he makes and believes he has a guardian angel looking out for him, Jean realizes the only person truly for her is her housekeeper Maria someone she was constantly rude to. The main issue for everyone was racism with no major resolutions.
The movie contains a lot of stereotypical scenes some include Waters goes to visit his mother a needle and a spoon are laid on her bed indicating she is doing drugs. She is a stereotypical African American mother raising children on her own and on drugs. Anthony leaving the restaurant with Peter complains about the service. Peter asked him if he tipped and he said no relating to the stereotype that blacks do not tip. Peter and Anthony being carjackers is stereotypical of black men are

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