Trait Theory Vs Trait Theory

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Many individuals, especially psychologist, question how can they describe a person’s personality using theories in order for society to have an understanding of why people behave the way they do. There have been many debates in regards to this question. Some psychologists state that genetics is one of the main factors why people react a certain way, depending on the circumstance. However, other researchers indicate that the environment plays an enormous role on the individual. Although both of these predictions might be accurate, one will not fully understand unless there is more information linked to their arguments. According to trait theories in the book of Psychology, there are multiple theories that explain different types of possibilities to these behaviors, two of them are called Trait Theory and Social-Cognitive Theory.
Based on the information provided in the textbook, trait theory states that every individual has different personalities due to the traits inherited by their maternal or paternal DNA. For instance, if a child or a grown adult is shy or talkative one is able to observe the person’s conscious thoughts and behaviors; therefore, one can imply that traits are essential when it applies to an individual’s personality, which is why everyone’s personality is different. Foreign psychologist Hans Eysenck and Sybil Eysenck, designed a chart full of different qualities to identify the various types of personalities. Indeed, these categories indicate whether the person is considered extraversion, stable, introversion, and unstable. For example, a person that is considered introverted-stable is considered to be peaceful, caring, and calm. On the other hand, a person who is extraverted stable is seen as someone who is ...

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...ent to high school I went back to my old self. Something inside me triggered that made me realize that education was my only option to become successful. Nonetheless, I became more distant with my old friends, especially the people I use to talk to in high school. Moreover, this change associates to one of the researcher's studies. Where he indicates that one’s personality changes as one ages. Based on the factor analysis, I can identify myself as an unstable-introverted. Due to the environment that I am surrounded by, being a college girl, has changed my perspective and behavior. I became more anxious, yet at the same time I can be reserved. Based on this theory, I can conclude that I control my own destiny not others. I have not been in a situation where other people control my everyday decisions. Social-cognitive theory best describes my personality and behavior.
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