Social Class Discrimination

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Social Class Discrimination
Social class discrimination is a negative attitude towards people based on their social or economic class. It is both discriminatory and unfair to people from particular classes and beneficial to the upper class. Social class discrimination has tremendous negative effects on the discriminated classes. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every individual to take some actions to fix this problem.
The first step to bringing social class discrimination to a standstill is by first ensuring one’s beliefs do not label or rub others the wrong way. Therefore, a person should toil to be considerate of others by treating them with respect. Declining to share discriminatory comments masqueraded as humor promotes diversity and fairness. It is exceedingly essential to be vigilant not to upset people from other cltures. Different people interpret words and actions differently. Again, it is vital to tolerate others’ lifestyles. In “On Dumpster Diving“, Lars Eighner converses of his survival as a homeless scavenger According to Eighner, people discard perfectly good food (Peterson et al, 2011). But he does not state the fact in a judgmental. Seeking to comprehend another person’s perspective and reasons before judging them as wrong is another means to be less discriminatory. Mixing with people of all socio-economic classes aids to better understand their values and beliefs. You learn their opinions and situations directly.
If being discriminated against, a person should not act as if it’s not taking place. The deeds may escalate when people believe they can get away with it. A discussion with people who can grant helpful advice and support is advisable. When someone else is being discriminated, tell the person di...

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...r having a different religion. Most of the people belong to a religious group because they were born into it. A person ought to understand and respect all other religions for a peaceful coexistence.
In conclusion, when accused of discrimination, it is important to listen closely and apologize sincerely. People from different backgrounds might understanding as insulting what you intended to be harmless. When someone is accused of discrimination, they must have hurt someone’s feelings even though unintentionally. A person has to avoid body language and choice of words which cause discomfort or offence to others.
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