Snow Surfing : An Event to Remember

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Snow Surfing : An Event to Remember Surf the snow! I tried it and now I love it. I had never tried snowboarding or anything like it before and I wanted to be able to learn so badly. Today was the day I had been waiting for; I was going to try snowboarding for the very first time. I distinctly remember my first day on the mountain. It was a beautiful winter morning, the sun was reflecting off the snow covered pine trees and there was just a slight breeze through my hair. Snowboarding can be truly difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it snowboarding is an experience you will never forget. This is going to be tough, I think to myself. I arrive at Terry Peak Ski Resort, right outside of Spearfish, SD. The lifts are just beginning to start running and there are lines of people waiting for lift tickets. The only thing on my mind right now is; I am going to get up on my board and cruise down the mountain no matter how many attempts it takes. I decide to take the three-hour lesson session that is offered to better accomplish this goal. My two best friends, Angie and Emily, are taking the lesson with me. First our instructor teaches us how to stand up. She uses terms like heel side, toe side, and carve. I have heard these words used before by some of my friends, but I didn’t know what they meant. Heel side is the back of your board; toe side is the front, and carving is a spiffy word for turning. So I think to myself stand up, that can’t be too difficult right? Wrong, it is way easier said than done. This requires an extreme amount of balance. I bend my knees and slowly lift my butt off the ground, then immediately fall right back down. After about ten times of this the instructor comes over to me and ... ... middle of paper ... ...ed. I dismount the chairlift and start thinking, “Was the Kussy Express worth the "Holly Terror"? Of course it was!" My leg muscles are exhausted so I decide to take the easy way down this time, "Stewart Slope". I cruise down the run without a care in the world. “I’m getting kind of good,” I exclaim. When I reach the bottom I notice the lifts are starting to shut down. This comes to me as a disappointment. It is now 4:00pm and that means closing time. We pack up our things and make way to the car. I still can’t carve, but there is always next time. My first day of snowboarding is over. Every muscle in my body aches. "I didn't know I had this many muscles," I laugh. My first day snowboarding was a day I will never forget. Even though my first surf left me in pain, the thrill of snowboarding is in my veins. Everyone's surfing the mountains; you should try it.

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