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  • kids in the butt

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    Substance Use and Abuse Among Children and Teenagers During the past several years, there has been a renewed national concern about drug abuse, culminating in the current "war on drugs." In this review, we emphasize that even though child or teenage drug use is an individual behavior, it is embedded in a sociocultural context that strongly determines its character and manifestations. Our focus is on psychoactive substances both licit (cigarettes and alcohol) and illicit (e.g., cannabis and cocaine)

  • Please Take Your Butt Outside

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    Please Take Your Butt Outside “A smoking section in a bar or a restaurant is like having a peeing section in a public swimming pool, the pee just like the smoke will spread, and there is no way of escaping it,” said an anonymous author. Smoking affects many people’s lives each and everyday. For example, I can not even count the times that I have been in a restaurant in a “non-smoking section” and still not been able to enjoy my meal because of the smokers on the other side of the restaurant. Smoking

  • Media Critics Beavis and Butt-head

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    What Sucks, Beavis and Butt-head are media critics, instructing viewers on how to criticize music videos. I believe the way Beavis and Butt-head go about their criticism and commentary is undermining our value system. In TV’s Anti-Families: Married . . . with Malaise, Josh Ozersky states “no one who watches TV is going to stop because they see TV criticized.” He goes on to say that we feel flattered by this criticism and continue watching television anyway. Beavis and Butt-head can be seen in the

  • butts

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    Global Warming Global Warming is a rising threat to the state of the world, causing serious rising in sea levels, rapid melting in the Arctic, and elevated living costs, and must be ended, or at least drastically slowed, in order to create/maintain a healthy, inhabitable planet. As Africa News Service stated “The dangers of a warming Earth are immediate and very human... it’s not just about melting ice, threatened animals and plants. It’s about the human problems of hunger, disease, drought, flooding

  • No Butts About It

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    because a cigarette butt is so small. “With the flick of a butt, far reaching, devastating consequences can occur, or absolutely nothing can happen.” (EcoGreenBags) There are, however, some things in the cigarette filter inside of the cigarette butt that are not biodegradable, so a part of each cigarette butt will remain forever. Cigarette butts thrown out of car windows are also the leading cause of litter, creating millions of pounds of trash. (Mulch) Once a cigarette butt is thrown out of a

  • Smokers' Litter

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    A STAGGERING 67 per cent of all street litter is smoker-generated, whether in the form of butts, packets or wrapping, according to Limerick County Council. And environmental education officer, Pauline McDonagh added that "it can take up to five years for a cigarette butt to disintegrate”. She also stressed that there is visible evidence that the smoking ban has increased litter in Limerick. To counteract this, the County Council is urging smokers to start using the portable ashtrays which are available

  • Advertising business aspects

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    public. In one public service announcement there is an ad with this tall, thin and attractive women. In the poster she is smoking a cigarette, but she also have one of her hand on her butt and the other right under her breast. Then under the picture in bold letters it states, “AN UGLY BUTT CAN RUIN A GREAT BODY.” The word butt could mean to different things in this sentence. So what was meant to be a health issue has just changed to a health or sex issue. The cigarette looks as if it is adding to her sexual

  • Sport Psychology

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    enor-mous attention and despite this, the public's appetite for more sport never is stated. "It has been estimated that around two thirds of all newspaper readers in Great Britain first turn to the sports pages when they pick up their daily paper." (Butt, 1987:65) When one con-siders the number of people who actually engage in sport or even take regular exercise, then the significance of sport to all our lives cannot be denied. A common problem with sport psychology research lies in its somewhat

  • Television and Media Essay - TV Violence and Children

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    such as Transformers and the Ninja Turtles, who engage in the destructive acts of violence by fighting our real life social problems. With acts of violence, kids learn to think that's how they should solve their problems.  MTV's Beavis and Butt-head  encourages fire, smoking, foul language, drinking and stealing.  With these bad attitudes seen depicted as normal on TV  shows kids are lead to believe it is cool be have that type attitude  Is this what we really want our society, especially

  • Emotion and Intellect in the Works from Terezin

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    Never Saw Another Butt erfly: Children s Drawings and Poems from Terezin Concentration Camp, 1942-1944, one can see how a range o f emotions combined with reason creat e an undeniable portrait of humanity. In Sailboat an anonymous child artist expresses both emotion and intellect through color choice and subject matter (56-57). The artist portrays night as a black abyss followed by a teal-gray sky dotted w... ... middle of paper ... ...r Saw Another Butt erfly: Children s Drawings