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  • kids in the butt

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    Substance Use and Abuse Among Children and Teenagers During the past several years, there has been a renewed national concern about drug abuse, culminating in the current "war on drugs." In this review, we emphasize that even though child or teenage drug use is an individual behavior, it is embedded in a sociocultural context that strongly determines its character and manifestations. Our focus is on psychoactive substances both licit (cigarettes and alcohol) and illicit (e.g., cannabis and cocaine)

  • cigarette but litter case study

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    one of the most urbanised states in Australia. However, cigarette butt litter is a major issue in Victoria. This is a research about Sustainability Victoria’s “Don’t Be a Tosser, Bin Your Butts” campaign organised by The Reputation Group (TGR) from February to September 2007. “Don’t Be a Tosser, Bin Your Butts” is a cigarette butt litter awareness and behavioural change campaign. The intention was to urge smokers to bin their butts. It was a successful campaign as it has exceeded its objectives and

  • In the Heat of the Night by John Ball

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    whom are dirty, and that has nothing to do with color, but self-induced. Also, he thinks that all Negro's are poor criminals, and also, he thinks that they have big butts, and they stink terribly when they sweat, and that they are stupid. But like I said, everyone is the same, being stupid has nothing to do with color, and having a big butt has to do with your genes and not color, and everyone's sweat is the same, and it is not like black peoples sweat is like acid. Sam Wood's opinion on Italians was

  • Booty

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    told that I shouldn't use words like that because they make me sound foolish. I do not always use the word booty but in some circumstances it is very necessary to use it. In my opinion it adds emphasis in the description of the size and beauty of the butt. What could possibly be wrong with using a word that is supposedly a word from a different heritage? We use words like "sheik" and "entree" all the time. I believe that there are no "black or "white" words, some words just happen to be used more by

  • A Separate Peace - The Role Of Minor Characters

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    part of the conflict begins in the butt room where Brinker brings Gene after Finny has his fall. Brinker tries to tell everyone that Gene in fact did knock Finny off of the tree. Gene gets out by making up a crazy story but he is still mad at Brinker for this so he must get even. So later on in the story, at the winter carnival, Gene gives Brinker a reason to hold a stigma against him. Gene, caught up in the excitement, and getting back at Brinker for the butt room incident, pours some cider down

  • Sport Psychology

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    enor-mous attention and despite this, the public's appetite for more sport never is stated. "It has been estimated that around two thirds of all newspaper readers in Great Britain first turn to the sports pages when they pick up their daily paper." (Butt, 1987:65) When one con-siders the number of people who actually engage in sport or even take regular exercise, then the significance of sport to all our lives cannot be denied. A common problem with sport psychology research lies in its somewhat

  • Smokers' Litter

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    A STAGGERING 67 per cent of all street litter is smoker-generated, whether in the form of butts, packets or wrapping, according to Limerick County Council. And environmental education officer, Pauline McDonagh added that "it can take up to five years for a cigarette butt to disintegrate”. She also stressed that there is visible evidence that the smoking ban has increased litter in Limerick. To counteract this, the County Council is urging smokers to start using the portable ashtrays which are available

  • Home Rule

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    to be used very frequently; Isaac Butt was the gentleman who founded this association. In 1873 this became known as the Home Rule League and in 1874 a general election was held where fifty home rulers were elected to the Home Rule party also known as the Irish Parliamentary Party (Irish 29). Butts' goal was to get both Protestants and Catholics to support Home Rule as a movement targeted towards giving Ireland a federal government within the United Kingdom. Butt was not an aggressive leader and the

  • The Old Man And The Sea By Ernest Hemingway

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    The old man harpooned the shark in his brain, and as the shark rolled off of the fish it took the old man's harpoon with it. The old man knew that there would be other sharks that would follow the scent of the fish's blood. He tied his knife to the butt of one of his oars. Two more sharks came and the old man killed them both. The second shark broke the blade as it rolled off the fish. Desperate, the old man waited for the other sharks. All he had left was a club, and he was going to use it. More

  • Television and Media Essay - TV Violence and Children

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    such as Transformers and the Ninja Turtles, who engage in the destructive acts of violence by fighting our real life social problems. With acts of violence, kids learn to think that's how they should solve their problems.  MTV's Beavis and Butt-head  encourages fire, smoking, foul language, drinking and stealing.  With these bad attitudes seen depicted as normal on TV  shows kids are lead to believe it is cool be have that type attitude  Is this what we really want our society, especially

  • Life without friendship? Is it Possible?

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    times, fellow employees will help when you're falling behind in the work schedule. With their plans permitting, they will cover or trade a shift for you if something comes up and you need the day off. When times get tough and your boss is riding your butt, fellow employees will often back you up. Friends at work, make the load a lot less troublesome and stressful. No one likes to go to a party by themselves. This is where your “social friends” step in. They are the best solution to having a great time

  • Tim O'Brien's Zeugmatic Novel, The Things They Carried

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    a particularly ominous day: Whether the Nymph shall break Diana's Law, Or some frail China Jar receive a Flaw, Or stain her Honour, or her new Brocade, Forget her Pray'rs, or miss a Masquerade, Or lose her Heart, or Necklace, at a Ball.... (Butt 225) Pope does a beautiful job of contrasting the serious and the superficial in these five lines-will her chastity or her jar become flawed, will she forget her prayers or the masquerade? My paraphrases here fill out an implied zeugma in these

  • Jim McMahon

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    of obstacles that he had to overcome in his 1985 season. One obstacle he had to overcome was his shoulder tendonitis. When he was out for three games. Another obstacle that he had to overcome right before the Super Bowl was a really bad sore on his butt. Pain killers and medicine wouldn't work. So he found a guy that used needles to relieve the pain. He was using that method and it was working, the sore was going away. The team had to leave to go get ready for the Super Bowl so they had to fly him

  • king lear

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    damn conceded and thinks he is so great that he can not possibly see anyone not loving him, and what he owns as far as land and power. His greedy daughters realize this and then decide to kiss a little of their father's butt. Cordelia, and Regan go and kiss their father's butt hoping to get all his power, and his kingdom. On the other hand, his one daughter who loves him for what he is, not what he is or has, realizes that she must play on her fathers side just to receive a little respect from

  • A seperate Peace: Leper

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    couple of times during the story, but seems to have importance when he does show up. In the January of the winter session Leper surprises everyone by enlisting in the United States ski troops. Leper was only a few weeks away from being eighteen. In the Butt Room, Brinker brought in newspapers with headlines about the war and made jokes about Leper’s success in the army. “Leper sprang up all over the world at the core of every allied success” (118). In the words of Gene “In the &nb...

  • Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock Essay: In Depth Analysis

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    bitten, to have squeezed, to roll--conform to the poem's widespread use of transitive verbs of direct action in expressing the speaker's violent impulse to combat the forces of disorder: to murder and create, to disturb the universe, to spit out all the butt-ends, to force the moment. The poem's ling... ... middle of paper ... ...hich the author has elected to work, may itself evoke other psychic material; and then, lines of poetry may come into being, not from the original impulse, but from a secondary

  • He wont let us freak-dance

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    They were freak-dancing, which is how most people dance to hip-hop, but Mr. Bennett had always felt it was too sexual for a school event. "It's [the same as] foreplay," he says. During the last song of the night, a girl got on all fours and rubbed her butt against her date's groin. Mr. Bennett was horrified: That's it, he thought to himself, I have to stop this! So at the start of the next school year, he announced that freak dancing would be banned at all future dances. SELF-EXPRESSION At 9 P.M. on

  • Airplane Safety

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    The main purpose of the article, Airspace Blunders, is to identify the leading causes for airspace incursions, more commonly known as near-midair collisions, and to provide alternative courses of action to prevent them. Prior to 9/11, the Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) reported 10 clearly defined categories of causes; Unfamiliarity, Complex airspace, Overlying airspace, High workloads, Trusting technology too much, Confusion over landmarks, Problems getting clearances, Cutting it too Close


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    every detailed in the operation to perform a particular task and determined the method which used the least amount of energy. An example of this research is the assembly of piece used in the production of the braider manufactured by the New England Butt Company (Gilberth 1917). After analysis using motion study there was a three hundred and fifty percent increase in production with no increase in worker fatigue (Gilbreth 1917). The analysis consisted of what is the unit of measure, the difference

  • Toni Morrison's Sula - Black on White Violence Advocated in Sula

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    general and black women in particular. For example, Nel's mother is reprimanded by a white conductor for being in the white section of a southern train: "What was you doin' in that coach yonder?...We don't 'low no mistakes on this train. Now git your butt on in there." As Nel and her mother progress further south, even the public toilets marked COLORED WOMEN disappear: the women are forced to relieve themselves in "a field of high grass on the far side of the track," and Nel eventually learns how to