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“There are over 480,000 deaths each year in the United States because of smoking. That means smoking causes about one of every five deaths in the United States each year” (Wikipedia, 2007). Some people, especially smokers, claim that smoking should not be banned in public places because smokers cannot smoke anytime they want in this case. Smokers feel nervous if they do not smoke for a long time. Addiction to cigarettes is a serious matter. Smokers are actually addicted to nicotine; therefore, they need to smoke all the time. However, it is argued that smoking should be banned in public places because smoking has bad effects on our bodies, can make bad smells in the places, and children in the public places might learn smoking from the adults. The first major reason is smoking has bad effects on human bodies even if people are not smoking. There is no doubt that sitting with smokers has a very bad influence because the produced smoke from smokers will be inhaled as a second-hand smoke. Sitting with smokers negatively affects our lungs. Also, second hand smoke can cause cancer and ruin our bodies. As well, it can cause early death. In the article, “Public Health,” Martin (2012) writes that smoking affects the function of the immune system and may increase the risk for respiratory and other infections. Martin means that smoking can cause diseases and those diseases negatively affect our bodies. Therefore, smoking has negative impacts on our bodies. In addition to the bad effects on our bodies, smoking can make bad smells in the places. People may leave the place where smoking is allowed to avoid the bad smell. Also, some people might not leave, but they will be upset when they smell the smoke. Moreover, allowing smoking in public ... ... middle of paper ... ...places is not a good choice. He is one of the smokers and his mood becomes bad if he does not smoke in public places. Word People who want to smoke in public places are wrong. They cross others freedom when they smoke around them. In particular, smoking around other people negatively affects their health. In addition, non-smokers are bothered with the bad smell of the smoke. In conclusion, smoking must be prevented in public places because it has many bad effects. Smoking might lead to diseases and cause damage our bodies, spreads bad smells in the places, and kids in the public places might learn smoking from the adults. Some people are annoyed from smoking and they get upset if they sit in smoking places. They do not want to breathe second hand smoke. As smoking in public places has negative consequences on non-smokers, it shall be prohibited in any public place.

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