Small Group Reflection Paper

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I really enjoyed the small group projects. I like that we got to discuss topics intimately. Small groups allow every individual the time and comfort to talk freely. This is important in classes like this because it allows ideas to flow freely, and group members can collectively build on each other’sthoughts. For example, when one of us had an idea about using artifacts in the exhibit, other people came up with ways that we could showcase them without using walls. We had a variety of ideas ranging from using suitcases, to display tables to creating the landscapes that many undocumented immigrants cross to enter the united states. Furthermore, I feel that our small group gave us each enough confidence to speak our thoughts and ask for help with assignments when we needed them. Rather than competing against one…show more content…
It also forced me to deeply think about the work that other groups were doing all quarter and how that plays into us making this a successful exhibit. This reflection also made me think about my life asan immigrant and how different my life would be if my mother, brother and I were undocumented. Interacting with them about their experiences being undocumented and hearing how undocumented individuals have played important roles in their lives has greatly made me question my beliefs and actions. I am more aware of how sensitive this topic can be. However, I am also more comfortable entering spaces that cater to these individuals. I feel comfortable being there because I understand the importance of hearing their stories through their perspectives and not through filtered media

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