Reflection Essay: Group Dynamics For Teams By Daniel Levi

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Reflective Essay #1 In this essay I will cover two surveys that I took in the book Group Dynamics for Teams by Daniel Levi. The surveys that I took were in chapter one which covered attitude towards teams, and chapter six which covers team emotional intelligence. In this essay I will share my results and what I found out about the survey after taking it, and also what I learned about myself after taking both of these surveys. My last team project that I can remember was in the fall when I took Professor Kent Curtis’s class, and we had a project where we had to do a group presentation on an assigned organization. Professor Curtis had numbers on the board that went up to five and to the right of the numbers were the name of the organizations. We went around the classroom saying each…show more content…
After finishing the first survey in chapter one; I noticed that I strongly agreed with most of the statements about team work. While doing the survey and examining each statement I was visioning myself to the last time that I worked in a team, and this proves that I agree with each statement because seemed to be right for me when I worked with that team. (Levi) mentions that to perform effectively, a team require the right types of people, a task that is suitable for teamwork, good internal group processes, and a supportive organizational context (pg. 19). Adding the scores of my survey I scored a 40 on how I view the task aspects of teamwork, and my scores for how I view social aspects of team is a 40 giving me a complete score of 80. Key statements that I thought affected me, and I thought were very important was one, using a team was an effective way to do the project. I agreed with this statement strongly because when doing a huge statement it is hard to put all that work on just one person, but when dividing

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