Sleep Pattern Log and Reflection

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I was able to successfully complete four sleep pattern logs, including two week days and two weekend days. After comparing my sleep logs to each other, I believe that I have an adequate amount of sleep each day. Sleep is something that is important for growth, creative thinking, restoring and rebuilding memories, recuperation and protection of humans as individuals (Meyers, 98). Getting adequate sleep has great effects on our bodies. On week days I tend to be in bed around 11:00pm and plan to be asleep by midnight. Falling asleep by midnight is usually accomplished on each weeknight, with an occasional late night study session. I am fortunate enough to be able to sleep later than I have been in past semesters. We have not had our usual 6:00am morning team lifting for crew and I do not have many early classes. It is not difficult for me to wake up once I hear my alarm in the morning. When I know I have something to complete or somewhere to be I am able to jump right out of bed and get ready. While filling out my Stanford Sleepiness rating times, I was able to give myself scores bet...

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