Six Week Personal Exercise Program

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Six Week Personal Exercise Program

My weakest sport is Football. My weakest areas are strength, fitness

and speed. The skill related fitness required in Football is Agility,

Power, Co-ordination, Balance, Speed, Cardiovascular fitness and

Muscular endurance.

Agility is needed to dribble past an opponent; Power is needed to

withstand pressure from an opponent and to shoot with strength;

Co-ordination is needed to be able to have the ball under your

control; Balance is needed to be able to stay on your feet even when

tackled; Speed is needed to move fast into spaces and towards the

ball; Cardiovascular fitness is needed to play a whole match without

being too tired during the match and Muscular endurance is needed so

the muscles can last a whole match with getting too tight.

To improve my weaknesses in Football, I will use circuit training

doing the following activities:

· Bench walk

· Bench jump

· Triceps dip

· Press-ups

· Step-ups

· Shuttle run

I will be using the principle of Progression to make sure my

weaknesses improve as much as possible and as quickly as possible.

In conclusion after completing the circuit training I wish to become a

much better football player.

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The time I take to finish the course at each attempt will probably

vary depending on two factors 1.if I am fully fit and 2.if I am


Equipments required:

· Tape measure

· Tape to mark start/finish line

· Eight cones

· Stopwatch

· Score card and pen

Activity Layout:

1. Get a space 6 metres wide by 14 metres long, indoors or outdoors

(this is the dimension of a badminton court).

2. Mark the start/finish line.

3. Layout cones as shown in the diagram.


· Wear suitable footwear for the surface I will be running on, e.g. no

shoes on wooden floor.

· Make sure I am properly warmed up.

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