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SIX-STROKE ENGINE Introduction The six-stroke engine is an ingenious invention that has the potential to increase engine efficiency by around 30 percent. As fossil fuels are increasingly more expensive to produce and utilize, many have been seeking for answers to these problems. The six-stroke engine seeks to solve some of these problems by exploiting heat that would normally be lost in the four-stroke engine. It does this by utilizing an extra pump to produce more torque and power. In the following graph, the conventional four-stoke is compared to a 6-stroke using a Yamaha TT 500c. ROAD SPEED MPH 4STROKE RUN TIME SECONDS 100cc FUEL 6STROKE RUN TIME SECONDS 100cc FUEL LOADED RPM In 5th GEAR % LONGER RUN TIME 30 159 216 2000 35.80% 35 138 184 2500 33% 40 107 134 3000 25.20% 45 89 101 3500 13% Malcolm Beare, “Six Stroke Engine Theory,” Six Stroke Engine Developments, February 15, 2011, There have been issues over actual implementation of this technology; however, the science behind this invention is simple and viable. How It Works The six-stroke engine is a modified version of a four-stroke and works in the exact same manner. The only difference is that 2 more pistons have been added on. In both the four and six-stroke engine, fuel is pulled into the piston and then is compressed until it explodes, which forces the piston down and gives the car torque. The remaining gas along with excessive amounts of heat are pushed out through the fourth piston stroke and released. The difference with the six-stroke engine is that it adds on two more processes; instead of instantly releasing the heat and gas, it pumps water into the chamber which is instantly turned into steam and forces another piston down ... ... middle of paper ... ... was utilized is extremely poor and insufficient. It relied only upon a motorcycle and this data should not be applied to cars and neither to larger vehicles, such as semi-trucks. The six-stroke engine is a design that can be applied at a relatively low price and could result in dramatic fuel efficiency increases. BIBLIOGRAPHY Schmitz, Gerhard B. “Six-Stroke Internal Combustion Engine,” April 17, 1990. Beare, Malcolm. “Six Stroke Engine Theory.” Six Stroke Engine Developments, February 15, 2011. James, Matt. “Gasoline, Steam Engine Hybrid?”, May 15, 2007. Lyons, Pete. “Inside Bruce Crower’s Six-Stroke Engine.” Autoweek, February 27, 2006.

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