Six Dimensions Of Wellness Essay

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The six dimensions of wellness play a large role in everybody’s lives. This makes it important to understand how each dimension factors into our own life and it is a system that people live by. Finding how these dimensions play a part in my own life helps me understand who I am as a person and will hopefully make me a better person. Occupational: Occupational, one of the six dimensions of wellness is what I do with my life. Right now my main focus is school, but as I grow older this may turn into the job that I have. Although my occupation is going to school it encompasses more than just the work that I do. Occupational wellness is the ability to maintain a balance between work and leisure. In my life usually weekdays are full with work, and I enjoy my leisure time on the weekends. In some ways this is good and during the week I have something to look forward to. Yet, I also get stressed and lose sleep during the week, which is unhealthy. Finding the right balance of leisure and work will make my life easier and more fun. Physical: …show more content…

Physical wellness includes the balance of physical activity, nutrition, and mental well being. Although I run track six days a week to maintain my physical activity, I do not always think about what I am putting into my body, which consequently hurts my physical wellness. Even though I am in good shape and exercise a lot, eating unhealthy prevents me from being in top condition. Also, when looking at my physical wellness I need to look at my mental well being. Something that contributes to this is the amount of sleep and stress someone has. Relating back to occupational wellness, by sleeping less than I should and being stressed hurts my body

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