Simplified Fuzzy Logic Expert System for Prototype Vertical Farm Environment Control

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Due to changing of climate which result in unpredictable weather patterns, the exponential rise of human population and consumption of earth resources rate surpasses the replenishing rate has resulted that the world needs to dispose unsustainable conventional farming methods and turn to modern farming concept such as vertical farming. Despite that, to managed an ecosystem inside a building would required many expert or at least an expert system which is lacking in the current market. The following of this section describes how severe each problem is. 1.2.1 Changing of Climate and Unpredictable Weather Patterns In the past few years it can be observed that the climate pattern is becoming less and less predictable. Major cities are amongst the one taking the major beating from these occurrences. Back in June 2013, The Star once reported hazy and hot conditions have lead to high sales of air-conditioners and purifiers in Malaysia. This is a simple observable example of alteration in human behavior as a direct consequence of climate change. According to Hunt and Watkiss (2011), they have identified 5 major climate risks that cities are exposed to: which are sea-level rise, extreme events, health, energy use, and water availability. Out of five of these risks, extreme events and water availability are major challenges to conventional farming methods. Extreme events such as droughts, heat-wave, wind-storms, and flood events make farming outdoor increasingly difficult, impairing food security in major cities (Hunt and Watkiss, 2011). Water availability risk includes decreasing source of water from underground and surface as result from reduced precipitation and increase of water as temperature increase further pushes the need to conser... ... middle of paper ... ... in the field of hydroponic systems. b. Identifying the set of facts, rules and principles of experts applied in growing a specific plant. c. Identifying a benchmark results for good growth and good harvest from a hydroponic system without the help of an ES. d. Converting these facts, rules and principles into a set of fuzzy logic to be read by an ES. 2. Phase 2 – Testing of ES in simplified hydroponic system a. Construct 3 storey simplified version of vertical farm that uses hydroponic system with pH, temperature, humidity and water level control. b. Feature Implementation of Expert’s Recommendation Option for beginner users* c. Modifying and testing different versions of ES and obtain the results from each different version to be used in a comparative study. d. To answer the question, “Is conventional greenhouse ES applicable to a vertical farm concept building?”
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