Climate Change In Kenya Essay

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THE ECONOMIC EFFECTS OF CLIMATE CHANGE IN KENYA Introduction 1.1 Background The evidence of climate change in Kenya is undeniable, while its effects on economic growth are no more mysterious; rather, they are rapidly unfolding to a startling reality and concern for humankind. Accelerated emissions of green house gases (GHGs) globally, from combustion of fossil fuels and unsustainable land use practices is the key driver of anthropogenic climate change. Climate change is manifested in; variations in minimum and maximum temperature, frequent and extensive droughts, high intensity rainfalls and floods, seasonal and regional pest and disease prevalence leading to conflicts for pasture and water resources, high food insecurity; encroachment into…show more content…
The forth assessment report of the intergovernmental panel on climate change concludes that climate change is unequivocal. While the national climate change response strategy asserts that the evidence of climate change in Kenya is indisputable; higher temperatures are being experienced across the country, rainfall patterns are uncertain, uneven and unpredictable; drying up of water catchment areas; depletion of water sheds, wells, rivers and other water bodies while others are growing in size. Since 1960s both minimum and maximum temperatures have exhibited a rising trend; with minimum increasing by a range of 0.7-2.0 degrees Celsius and maximum by 0.2-1.3 degree Celsius varying by region and season. Notable also is variability of rainfall patterns such as below normal rainfall in the long rains season and more during the short rainfall season, some regions have recorded more intense rainfall and downpours that have resulted to floods and infrastructural impairments. Extinction or near extinction of flora and fauna, changes in flowering and maturity patterns in crops are all attributable to climate change. These changes have had and are expected to have far reaching impacts on the economic sectors of the economy. Some of the expected sectoral impacts are discussed

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