Silas Marner as a Fairy Tale

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Silas Marner as a Fairy Tale In this novel, by George Eliot, 'Silas Marner', there are many fairy tales like aspects. Silas Marner is indeed a fairy tale, but it isn't purely a fairy tale. It also has realistic aspects. Fairy tales always have happy endings and they always represent the power of good over evil. They also have a timeless and universal quality towards them and they often contain some form of magic. In the novel there are many characters that like characters that you would expect in fair tales. However, although there are fairy tale like characters in this novel, there are also those that are more realistic characters. Therefore, it can be said that the characters in this novel are divided into those that are fairy tale characters, and those that are realistic characters. Also, in this novel there are a few characters that are partially fairy tale like characters, and partially realistic. The novel, in that case is divided into three types of characters; fairy tale characters, mixed characters, and realistic characters. Between the three different types of characters, they are also divided into some heroes and some villains. There are quite a few fairy tale characters in this novel. In most fairy tales, there are similar characteristics. In this particular novel, there are many good characters that end up heroes in the end of the book. The fairy tale characters in this novel include Eppie, Aaron, William Dane and Dunsey. These are the two-dimensional characters and we do not know much about them. These are all characters that have similar qualities about them that you would never find in real life people. These f... ... middle of paper ... ...ects like humans in her character. Another fully realistic character in this novel is Molly. She is a realistic character in this novel with a very small part. She is hardly mentioned in the novel, but she is the drunkard who Godfrey is married to at the start, and she is Eppie's natural mother. She is a character who is addicted to drinking and she is also depressed. This shows some realism in her character, as many human beings are addicted to drinking. The two themes of fairy tale and realism are present throughout the book. The characters in this book are clearly divided between those that are realistic characters and those that are fairy tale characters. This novel by George Eliot is quite similar to 'A Winter's Tale'. There is good balance in the book between the two aspects of fairy tale and realism.

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