Canterbury Tales

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Canterbury Tales

There is a great deal of useful information to be found on the Internet but sorting through it can often be a hassle. There are some sites that are useful and give a great deal of helpful information but there are also many sites that just don't meet up to those standards. Since anyone can put information on the web, it is often hard to tell a good site from a bad one. Today, I am going to go through a few sites relating to Geoffrey Chaucer and his book The Canterbury Tales and give examples of good and bad sites relating to them.

One fantastic site that is on the web is The Litrix Reading Room at This site, which is edited by Sam Jones, gives free electronic distribution of books for use by readers. It gives a list of authors and the books that they have from them. This site has a great number of books and some of the choices are American, Horror, Misfits, Mr. Holmes, Mystery, Sci-fi and Westerns. This site is very helpful in the reading of The Canterbury Tales because it has an updated, translated version of the book that makes it easier to understand and follow the story line. I would recommend greatly.

One very good site, which relates to Geoffrey Chaucer is This site is large in depth with many features that will keep any Chaucer fan busy for hours or help students find whatever they may need. Some of the features include: different quotes from Chaucer, a paragraph summary of his life, links to many of his works, audio excerpts from The Canterbury Tales, discussion groups and links to other Chaucer pages. This site was created by Anniina Jokinen and it is clear that she did a very good job.

Another fantastic site that relates to Chaucer is This site has all the links that a person may ever need for Chaucer. Some of the many links that are offered on this site is his biography, Chaucerian language, online reports, and online texts of The Canterbury Tales and medieval sites. Each main link has a few choices beneath it so a person can pick and choose between different sites and writing styles, which is always helpful. Getting different perspectives on different topics relating to Chaucer can only help a person in receiving a better grade and better understanding the material.
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