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Winter Dreams There are many ways in which “Winter Dreams” is like and unlike a fairytale. “Winter Dreams” had the potential to have a fairy tale ending. Beginning the story, F. Scott Fitzgerald made the story seem predictable. The reader would have predicted a happy ending like a fairytale. An ending where the ambitious young man gets the beautiful girl of his dreams. Sadly, the story doesn’t end that way. The story had many similarities and differences considering the plot, atmosphere, tone and characteristics, to a fairy tale. The plot of “Winter Dreams” is similar to a fairy tale. The story begins with a middle class young boy dreaming of fame and fortune. Dexter always will want more in life than he already does. He worked as a caddy and dreamed of one day golfing with these rich men. He first saw Judy Jones as a young boy. Like a fairytale, there’s “love at first sight”. Any fairytale would have ended this story with Dexter and Judy falling in love and spending the rest of their The tone is sad and regretful. Dexter and Judy could have had a fairytale ending but in the end both of their lives were lonely and depressing. Judy wanted Dexter, but not to fall in love with. She wanted him because she knew she could have him and wanted to prove to herself that her beauty could get a man to do anything. She convinced a man to break off an engagement with a girl he could of been happy with. She didn’t even stick around Dexter long enough for him to even propose. She left him within a month. This completely breaks Dexter’s heart. He doesn’t love again and just focuses on making more money. This decision didn’t end in Judy’s happy ending either. She ended up with a man that treated her like she has treated every other man in her life. Her husband cheats on her and respects her. She lost her beauty and confidence. Neither of them were grateful for what they already had, so neither of them had a happy

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