Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung

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Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung
Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung begun their relationship in 1906, when Carl Jung sent Freud a copy of his signed published studies, But Jung did not know that Sigmund Freud actually already owned a copy (well-Documented). Jung looked up to Freud and saw him as a father figure (well-Documented). Freud became Jung’s Mentor. In 1909, Freud and Jung toured the United States, and this is were they had a few disagreement on the unconscious mind. Jung thought Freud was negative and incomplete with his theory on the unconscious; however he did agree with him on the model of unconscious (well-Documented). Jung felt that Freud was too focused on sexuality and the idea it was what people were primarily motivated by (Cherry). In 1912, Sigmund Freud wrote a letter to Carl Jung suggesting to him that it would be best if they abandon their personal relationship (Well-Documented).
Sigmund Freud came from a Jewish family, but was viewed as an atheist. He wrote on religious topics but in some of his writings he said that he viewed religion with suspicion (Nielsen). Freud in 1913, wrote Totem and Taboo, which was the collective work that established certain taboos and prohibitions preventing sexual relations between family members (Thevathasan). Freud also believed that Totemism that sons were tired of their father’s dictatorship, which kept them from seeing women (Thevathasan). Therefore, the sons wanted to kill their dictator fathers (Thevathasan). Filled with so much guilt of wanting to kill their fathers, they in return sacrificed animals, in exchange of their fathers (Sigmund Freud 1927, attack religion Thevathasan). Sigmund Freud asked:
“Can we one day do without the consoling illusions of religious beliefs? Re...

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