Should School Uniforms Be Mandatory?

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Do you know school uniforms can change our society? School uniforms were suggested in 1970’s. There are a lot of pro’s and con’s over uniforms in schools. Therefore, School Uniforms became debatable. Students are future of the country they can change the country. So, It is very important to take a right decision over School Uniforms. Uniforms should be mandatory in every school to bring discipline in students. School students do not understand why uniforms are Important. So, we should spread words and make people realize that school uniforms are worthy. There are three main debatable topics that should be focused to describe benefits of school uniforms. School Uniforms can help students to focus on Education instead of caring more about their looks than grades, Save Parent’s money from spending on school expenses, and also make students feel belonged in School. School Uniforms can make students focus on Education instead of their clothing and looks. Such as, inappropriate clothes, tattoos, new fashion trends, and jewelry. Socio-economic status plays an Important role in school which leads to bullying and discrimination. For Example, Uniforms can distract students from judging other students and bringing socio-economic status in school. It will be very easy for bullies to pick up on other students.Our all sons and daughter are in right hands and school uniform will make school relationship with students. Students do not care about school and go to school just to do fashion, makeup and get ready every day. People who just focus on studies and do not wear cute clothes people tend to assume and say she/ he is a nerd and they bully them and also judge students. Uniforms can save parents money. Many students spend a lot of money on bu... ... middle of paper ... ...esponsible and comfortable which will help them to be a good student and have a good future. In conclusion, School Uniforms are a most debatable topic in the United States. It has many pros and cons which make this topic complicated. School Uniforms Improve Education System by helping students and parents by making school a learning place and save parents’ money and also end discrimination and bullying from schools. School uniforms should be mandatory in order to keep education system a learning place. I had a uniform in my high school. I’m absolutely sure that it makes life much easier. I used to get ready in minutes, but as I do not have the school uniform in college, so I have to dress up every day and it takes me hours to decide. School uniforms should be mandatory because there are many pros than cons described above which can make the decision easier to make.
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