Should Prostitution Be Legalized in Pakistan?

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Should prostitution be legalized in Pakistan?

Ever since the emergence of humans on the face of this planet, there has been a continuous discussion between business and ethics. Prostitution, the oldest profession, now – a – days, is directly linked with ethics but it is a profession rather than an ethical norm. It has been present in our society for a long time and the question of its legalization is messing with the minds of many people ever since it started. In order to critically analyze this question, one should be aware of what actually prostitution is. According to the oxford dictionary, the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment is called prostitution. It has become one of the most controversial and debatable topic for the debaters of Pakistan in the present days. Due to the high unemployment rate, illiteracy and poverty people are inclining more towards it. Prostitution has become a business field in which people are either forced to go or they indulge themselves by their own will. The people, who work in this field, are called sex workers. They work in brothels, massage parlors, streets and hotels. In Pakistan, the distressing conditions and inflation are forcing people to adopt such illegal professions. According to a data, in Pakistan, Karachi has about 100,000 sex workers, Lahore has 75,000 and Islamabad has about 25,000 sex workers. Although prostitution is not legalized in Pakistan as it is an Islamic state and it can destroy the social fabric, yet it should be legalized because it is the fundamental right, it can reduce violence against the sex workers, helps in economic growth, it will reduce crime rate and it can prevent from health hazardous diseases.

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