Should Frozen Embryos be Considered Human

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Children are the people who represent life in the future, and having children is the most desirable wish for every parent. In the past, if a couple couldn't have children, they just prayed and hoped that a miracle would happen to them. Besides, they could adopt children if they wished to. Everything has been changing since then. With new techniques in the medical field such as in vitro fertilization, a doctor can implant an embryo into a woman's body. This new techniques has brought so much happiness to many families. On the other hand, it has also caused so many controversial debates for the rights of the embryos. This issue once again has been brought up in the article titled "Rules for the Frozen Embryos," by Carol Numrich, published in 2002. In the article, the author gives us some cases where some people argue that the embryos are human, but others argue that the embryos are just some undifferentiated cells. However, in my opinion, the embryos should not be viewed strictly as human.

In my point of view, a human life starts when a mom gives birth to her child. The realization of a human life begins when a child first cries or first opens the eyes. Those are the most beautiful and precious gift in the whole world. I don't agree with the idea that the frozen embryos should be viewed as human. For example, if a doctor can not succeed in implanting the frozen embryos into a woman's body, and they are expelled, would he be arrested as a murder? The answer is no. According to the article, ."..the longest recorded freezing of an embryo that was successfully implanted in a woman was twenty-eight months." Therefore, the frozen embryos can be disposed of by time if nobody is going to implant them into a woman's body. They are just some undifferentiated cells.

Moreover, some people believe that a human life starts when a person finds his or her own destiny. Some even exaggerate people say that human life hasn't begun if a person can't prove himself or herself in front of a court law. They believe that being a human means that we have superior body and mind, unlike animals. Therefore, as long as we can't survive outside the womb, we can't be labeled ourselves as human. As human, we have responsibilities to ourselves and our society. Besides, according to the article, the California state law requires "beneficiaries to an estate to be born or in uterus at the time of the parents' death.
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