Should Cars be more Efficient

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Should Cars Be More Efficient? Since the industrial revolution, huge steps have been made in terms of discovering and utilizing new technologies and different types of fuel for the purposes of transportation. Before the advent of the modern automobile, the widely used means of transport were horses, carriages, and walking by foot. These means of transport posed major challenges due to the fact that transporting supplies from one warehouse to another was difficult. However, with the introduction of the first car, it was a great reap forward towards eliminating most of the transportation hurdles. The advent of automobiles was accompanied by a corresponding need to consume more fuel in form of oil and gas. At first, the environmental impact of emissions from vehicles was not felt as it could not be detected within a scope of a few years. However, the cumulative effects of the emissions from vehicles on the environment have led to the phenomenon global warming. The resultant heated debate has been whether stakeholders in the automobile industry and governments should strive to make cars more fuel-efficient. This paper expounds on whether investments are worth being made towards making cars more efficient in a bid to reduce the degree of pollution coming from current types of cars. In addition, it argues whether the focus ought to be making cars with a motive to make profit. In effect, the general idea presented in the paper is which ought to be the best way of ensuring that vehicles produced are efficient for individuals, the environment, and the economy at large. It is no doubt that automobiles have become a way of life in the current society besides the transport sector contributing immensely to the economic growth of every cou... ... middle of paper ... ...n the auto industry, the government, consumers, and environmentalists have indispensable roles to play in fulfilling this agenda. Though some opponents of this idea have cited a potential lack of a ready market, it is clear from the discussion that resources can be marshaled towards making new cars affordable. Efficient cars will promote clean and efficient transportation. Alternatives such as hybrid and electric vehicles and technologies such as aerodynamics and direct injection gas engines can be harnessed to make this venture a reality. The economy would benefit a great deal from saving a lot of money that goes into oil importation and many job opportunities would be created. The costs that have resulted from the impacts of global warming are an enormous burden to the economy. It would be a relief to the economy if more efficient cars are produced.
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