Importance Of Electricity And Magnetism

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At this day and age our society has become extremely dependent on electricity. It is essential to our everyday lives, and its importance is often overlooked. To really understand how reliant we have become on electricity, imagine a world where there are no computers, there are no forms of vehicular transportation, and there are no phones! These things are so vital to our current style of living and if there was no electricity, this would be a completely different world. Magnetism is equally important! Without magnets, there would not be any electric motors, speakers, computer hard drives, X-ray and MRI machines, and many other things. Both electricity and magnetism are going to play a vital role in the future of our transportation. Before going into the uses of electricity and magnetism in our future transportation, let us first understand what these two things are. Electricity, simply put, is the flow of electrons on a conductive medium. It is formed when an electric charge travels along some sort of medium such as the conventional current. Magnetism is a force in which is related to an electron’s orbital angular motion around the nucleus. It refers to the physical phenomena coming from the force between magnets, which are objects that create fields that attract or repel other objects. One common thing between these two is they both implicate electrons. It is estimated that there are roughly 700 million automobiles that are currently traveling the highways recurrently. Karen D. Povey (Reference), who is the author of many environmentally focused books, estimates that by 2025 the number of vehicles on the road will be well over a billion. This kind of reality makes one think about the amount of carbon pollution prod... ... middle of paper ... ... presented it to legislation and decided to fund magnetic levitation train research. The 1998 transportation bill provided $950 million for the Magnetic Levitation Prototype Development Program. As part of this program, in January 2001 the U.S. Department of Transportation selected projects in Maryland and Pennsylvania as the two finalists in the competition to build the first magnetic levitation train service in the United States. Las Vegas and Pittsburg are among the most advanced MAGLEV projects in the U.S. In conclusion, the future of our transportation is very exciting. It is very dependent on electrical and magnetic currents. Through electricity and magnetism our future transportation is not only going to be more cost efficient but also much more environmentally friendly. Through the hard work of engineers and scientists, there are endless possibilities!

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