Short Story: How I Lost My Best Friend Mariah

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How I lost my best friend, Mariah I made my first best friend in kindergarten. She was wild, loud, outgoing, and rambunctious. She was the literal opposite of me. I was tall, had long, straight brown hair, and I was fairly shy. She was shorter, had curly, short blonde hair, and was crazy. Nothing held her back or even dared to. She had the courage I wanted, she also had the likeability I wanted. I knew her and I would be best friends from the first time she introduced her name to the class: Mariah. One day at school there was a popcorn sale, so many of the students stayed after to purchase their fifty cent bag of stale popcorn. Us being friends Mariah and I were waiting in line together. She got hers first and began walking home…show more content…
So in second/third grade Mariah and I had boy troubles. The was this older boy, a fourth-grader, that was out friend…and we both liked him. Mariah and him had past history and I had a big crush. I would listen to Hannah Montana and think about him. Me and him never officially dated, but we were close to it. New twins moved into Mariah’s neighborhood, she became friends with them and so did my almost boyfriend. It felt like my world was collapsing, the twins didn’t like me! That meant Mariah didn’t like me. I had other friends but they weren’t Mariah. Anytime I would try to hang out with her the twins would be mean to me until I decided to go home. Mariah never really saw the twins be mean to me, she just thought I didn’t like them because I was jealous. I only didn’t like them because they were evil…and maybe I was a slight bit jealous. One of the twins even stole my almost boyfriend. I couldn’t let this happen anymore so I took action. I confronted the twins and it was a slap in the face. I literally got slapped in the face! I was still sensitive at that time so I ran home and cried. I later told my mother and she said those famous three words: suck it up. Back then I didn’t have a good thought process on how to solve my problems to I chose arson. I went to their clubhouse with gas and a lighter and burned up their mini Christmas tree. I wasn’t the most controlled eight-year-old. Eventually, the twins moved away, or
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